AIR symbolizes sociability and thoughts. It is communication, exchange, adaptation and contacts.

AIR, in philsophy, represents the mind within the human body. Air is linked to intellectuality. It is also linked to the breath of life. It is invisible, universal and pure. AIR is movement, freedom and lightness. Breath and Word are like one.

AIR : our mental body


WATER symbolizes feelings. It is sensation, emotion, affect and imagination.

WATER is often in movement. With Fire, they are the two liveliest elements, like emotions. It is source of life, but can also take it back with its great power. Water is associated with emotions and subconscious.

WATER : our emotional and astral body.


EARTH symbolizes contact with the material world and sensation.

It is solid, slow, concrete, real, persistant. The EARTH is dense, one of the most physical energies. It is heavy and has a specific place in the cycle of elements.

Its natural dynamic is to accumulate : think, for instance, of the various strata (pluriel de stratum) of a soil.

Earth : our physical and energetical body


FIRE symbolizes energy and intuition. It is dynamism, lead, movement, intensity, heat, action and enthousiasm.

It is, by nature, volatile, hot and quick (or swift). Its direction is going upwards. It is the hottest element with the less density. It is associated with spirituality.

FIRE : our spirit (will, love, wisdom)


It is the only element created by men : Metal cannot transform into tools or jewels by itself.

METAL needs human interaction to reveal its richness. Thus, logically, it is the one that rules human activities and civilization.

Metal is flexible, ductile, conductive.